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A fun game for dementia! A fun game for Alzheimer's! Great for inter-generational play!

We love this award-winning game! Start with 5 colorful 2-sided picture cards . . . then try to match one of your pictures with the clue card. (For example, the photo of a penny would work with the clue card that says: "something that fits in your pocket.")

This easy-to-learn and easy-to-modify game comes with 120 picture cards, 65 clue cards, and instructions for various ways to play. To modify play, work together as a team to match the photographs to the clues or simply use the bold photos to spark conversation. Take your time, focus, and think creatively with this lively game.

Suggested for those living with early- to mid-stages of dementia. For later stages of dementia, use the pictures for conversation.

Please provide supervision and review all Safety Tips and other instructions.


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