Rhythm 'n Music

Rhythm 'n Music

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This kit is for those who love music and rhythm. Includes: 

Lucy Hammett's Music BINGO: Enjoy playing a picture version of a classic game of BINGO with this set. Includes 6 picture boards, BINGO chips, and informative picture cards. To play the game, have the "Caller" hold up one picture card. If that picture is on your picture board, place a chip on it. To modify play, work together as a team. This game can help keep you focused as you search for matches, and it provides a chance to learn and chat.

Three rhythm instruments to help create your own "rhythm circle": a pair of egg shakers that produce a maracas-like sound, an 8" wooden hand drum with drumstick, and a pair of 12" rhythm sticks. Try turning on some music, then tap the drum and the sticks and shake the shakers to the rhythm. You can also shake and tap to the rhythm of a sentence like "I-like-ice-cream-sundaes." Try taking turns making up rhythms or short phrases to tap to. You can also have one person make up a rhythm, then have someone else try to repeat it.

An enjoyable kit for relaxing, singing, and reminiscing about favorite music!

Please provide supervision and review all Safety Tips and other instructions. Manufacturer's Warning (BINGO): Choking hazard: small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.



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