Diamond Dotz Frame Set
Diamond Dotz Frame Set

Diamond Dotz Frame Set

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This is a wonderful and relaxing craft! Your kit comes with everything you need to create a lovely finished product. Take your stylus and touch the tip of it onto the wax caddy. Then use the stylus to pick up a diamond dot, and place the dot onto the fabric according to the accompanying color code. Next, place it easily onto the fabric. This beautiful and fun craft will keep you focused and engrossed as you add some sparkle to your day!

This beginner-level kit includes:

1 piece of high-quality color printed fabric

diamond dots pre-sorted by shade

1 frame

1 craft tray

1 stylus

1 wax caddy

Instructions included. Fabric size 6" x 6".

Comes in Love (Diamond Dotz Item Code DD1.012F) and Flower Power (Diamond Dotz Item Code DD1.008F).

(This project is detailed with tiny facets, so if you feel you can use a bit of help, consider purchasing The Dottifier: a hands-free, lightweight dotting aid with 4 interchangeable magnifying lenses [can use along with your own glasses].)

Supervision as needed. Review all Safety Tips and other instructions. Manufacturer's Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts - choking hazard.

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