Coloring Books for Adults - Set II

Coloring Books for Adults - Set II

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Spark your creative side with these 3 coloring books:

Midnight Garden: Each of the 31 floral designs is printed on a black background for a vivid, dramatic effect of enchanting flowers. Enjoy creating and displaying beautiful pictures!
Fabulous Fashions of the 1960s: If you miss wearing your bell-bottoms and mini-skirts, then this groovy book is for you! Enjoy adding color to 31 pages of styles from this era . . . from chic ensembles to hippie threads. 
Color Your Own Classic Movie Posters: Take a trip to the movies as your color 30 pictures depicting famous movie posters from Gone With the Wind to Stagecoach, and Singin' in the Rain to The African Queen. This book contains movie posters from the silent film era to the 1960s, and shows all posters in color to guide you as you create your own version.

We recommend using colored pencils (as opposed to markers) for the Classic Movie Posters coloring book, as it has double-sided pages.

Supervision as needed. Review all Safety Tips and other instructions. 

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