Art History Game Kit

Art History Game Kit

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This kit includes three games for art lovers:

Professor Noggin's History of Art Card Game: This fun and fact-filled game encourages conversation as you keep learning. Questions on the cards come in 2 levels of difficulty. Answer the questions correctly to keep your cards. You can also work as a team and go through the cards to discover some interesting information. Includes 30 cards plus instructions in a 6 5/8" x 5" box.

Go Fish for Impressionist Artists Card Game and Booklet: This beautiful and fact-filled card game comes with 36 cards and a 23-page booklet which includes fascinating information about the Impressionist artists and rules for various ways to modify the game (including matching the pictures). Work independently or as a team and use the pictures to spark conversation.

Spot The Differences Art Masterpiece Mysteries Book: Try to find the differences between the original masterpiece and an altered version right next to it. Work alone or as a team to see how many differences you can find. Hint: You can provide cues by asking focused questions (for example: "Look at the necklace on Mona Lisa in this picture and let's see if she's wearing a necklace in the other picture."). Answer key provided. Book measures 9" x 9" (selection varies).

Please provide supervision and review all Safety Tips and other instructions.


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