Game On! Kit

Game On! Kit

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This kit contains 4 different games to encourage thinking and conversation:

Flip 'n Chips: Choose a color and/or shape. Pour the chips onto a table, then try to find matches of your colors/shapes. To modify play, work together as a team and search for fewer pairs. 2-4 players. Box size 2.75” x 2.75” x 4.5”.
60 Second SlamCome up with a word for each letter of the alphabet, for the category on the clue card. Game includes 50 category cards, a 60-second timer, and one scorepad.  For 2-6 players, but can also be enjoyed independently. To modify play, work together as a team, and do not use the timer.
Photographic Memory Matching Game: Find 25 pairs from the photographs on the cards. Modify play by increasing or decreasing the number of pairs you are trying to match and work together as a team. Contains 50 real-photo everyday object cards.
Rock, Paper, Scissors: A card game version of the classic game. Contains 34 Rock Paper Scissors cards plus instructions.

Please provide supervision and review all Safety Tips and other instructions.


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