Easier Moments Multi-Activity Kit

Easier Moments Multi-Activity Kit

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This kit offers a varied assortment of activities chosen for those with moderate to later stage dementia to help them stay engaged and active:

15-piece jigsaw puzzle (pictures may vary): Working on puzzles can help keep you focused and can provide a wonderful feeling of accomplishment as you watch the picture emerge. Puzzle pictures can also be used to encourage conversation. Hint: Some people find sorting colors and borders first is helpful. Work as a team to help complete the puzzle.
Four Color-Matching Boxes: Each brightly colored box contains six small cards with colored photos. Match the colored picture cards to the box of the corresponding color. You can simply sort the colors into the box or turn this activity into a game by scattering the cards face-down on the table. Take a guess which box will have the most matches after 8 cards are played. Work as a team or play individually.
Three Aquapaint sheets with one large brush: Paint water onto the 8 1/2 ' x 11" surface and watch a picture instantly appear and then disappear in approximately 15 minutes . . . ready to start again. Use the pictures to spark conversation. Styles may vary.
Connecting Edible Memories - An Interactive Coloring Book: Contains 35 simple, black-line drawings (one object per page). Each page also contains fill-in-the-blank word prompts to encourage conversation and reminiscing. Also contains 20 pages of food journals to share recipes and stories revolving around those recipes.
Faber-Castell 12 GRIP Colored EcoPencils: These ergonomically designed triangular-shaped colored pencils have a soft grip for better handling and control.

Please provide supervision and review all Safety Tips and other instructions.



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