Coloring Books for Adults - Set 1

Coloring Books for Adults - Set 1

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Enjoy a bit of nostalgia as you color, learn, and chat with these three coloring books:

Story of Baseball: This book comes with a fascinating introduction about America's favorite pastime. Learn and reminisce as you color the 44 pictures- each with an informative bio of each player depicted.
Famous Trains: This book contains 30 drawings of luxury railway cars ranging from the Orient Express to the 20th Century Limited. With an interesting historical introduction and informative captions accompanying each picture, you will have a lot to learn and chat about.
History of the American Automobile: This book contains drawings of 44 classic cars on display at the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI. Each picture has an explanation provided by Randy Mason, the Curator of Transportation at the museum.

As you enjoy your ride down memory lane, please remember: these books contain drawings done in a moderate degree of detail. Do not worry about staying within the lines or using different colors for each detail . . . instead, focus on the opportunity each book provides to reminisce and learn.

We recommend using colored pencils (as opposed to markers) for this set, as these coloring books have double-sided pages.

Please provide supervision and review all Safety Tips and other instructions.


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