Cafe Combo II

Cafe Combo II

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The two games in this set can be played in-person or virtually:

Think 'N Sync: Count down from 3, then call out an answer to prompts from a chosen category. The fun and challenging part is to try to call out the same answer as your partner. 

Suggestions for virtual play: The leader reads the clue (for example, "something found in a kitchen"). Have "teams" work together at home to come up with an answer, then ask each team for their word. Any teams that have the same word earn a point. 

Includes 225 cards, 8 tokens, and rules of play. Box measures 3-⅜” x 3-⅝” x 2”.

60 Second Slam: Come up with a word for each letter of the alphabet, for the category on the clue card. 

Suggestions for virtual play: The reader reads the clue (for example, "things found in a supermarket"). Give all teams time to come up with a list of words that fit the category, for each letter of the alphabet. Have the team with the most answers read their list out loud and score a point for that round. You can also give points for the most unique answers. (Helpful Hint: Omit the timer if necessary.)

Game includes 50 category cards, a 60-second timer, and one scorepad.

Please provide supervision and review all Safety Tips and other instructions. 


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